Welcome to Gorilla my Dreams

Art: Ahmed Raafat Story: Tim Stiles In Struggle-Town, a superhero takes on a case that involves investigating the murder of a street mime... who suffocated, trapped in a real invisible box. His investigation leads him to the local strip club, eccentric criminals, and a gorgeous female mime. Did I mention the superhero is also a gorilla?

August 15th, 2017, 5:09 am

Welcome to Gorilla my Dreams!

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Hi guys.

Welcome to Gorilla my Dreams.

What is Gorilla my Dreams? I'm glad you asked.

Knockaround-Guy is a superhero that is investigating the murder of a Street Mime who asphyxiated inside an actual invisible box. Oh, and did I mention that he's also a gorilla?

Gorilla my Dreams is what you would get if Batman was mashed into the Ninja Turtles if Saturday morning cartoons were shows after 10pm.

I hope you dig it and stick around.

Big Tim.

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Gorilla my Dreams